Application Install

   MAPP 3D Installation and Activation

Below are the steps to download, install, and activate MAPP 3D. Loudspeaker data is not included with the installation file. Please find the link at the bottom of this page or use the menu above (START > UPDATES) for loudspeaker data download instructions.


Step 1: Visit, click ACCOUNT in the page menu.

Step 2: Enter your email address (MAPP database username) and password, click LOG IN button.

NOTE: For existing MAPP XT users, use the same credentials for MAPP 3D.

Enter Email Address and Password, Click Log In Button

Step 3: Click MY SOFTWARE and select the appropriate download for the operating system.

Select My Software, Choose Windows or MacOS Version

Application Installation Mac OS

Skip to Windows instructions (below)

MacOS Step 1: Double-click the DMG application installation file.

MacOS Step 2: Read and click AGREE to terms of the end user license agreement.

Read And Agree To End User Agreement

MacOS Step 3: Drag the application to the Applications folder.

Drag App to Applications Folder

MacOS Step 4: Eject the DMG image.

Eject MAPP 3D

MacOS Step 5: Launch the application by double-clicking the icon.

NOTE: There may be a security warning when launching the application for the first time. This is normal, please click through.

Launch MAPP

Skip Windows instructions and proceed to Device Activation (below).

Application Installation Windows

Win Step 1: Double-click the MSI application installation file.

Win Step 2: Click NEXT to start installation.

Start Install? – Click NEXT

Win Step 3: Read and click AGREE to terms of the end user license agreement.

Agree to End User License Agreement

Win Step 4: Use the default location or select another location to install the application.

Select Installation Destination

Win Step 5: Select affirmative options in each of the dialogs.

Click Affirmative Choices for All Dialogs

Win Step 6: Launch the application from Explorer or the desktop shortcut.

Launch MAPP 3D Application From Explorer or Desktop Shortcut

Device Activation

Step 1: Click ACTIVATE MAPP 3D button.

NOTE: Opens web page:


Step 2: Click MY DEVICES, enter a user defined NEW DEVICE NAME, click ADD button.

Enter Device (Computer) Name, Click ADD

Step 3: Hover your mouse over the Reservation Code, left-click to copy to clipboard (not the usual right-click or cmd-c/ctrl-c to copy).

Hover Mouse Over RESERVATION CODE, Left-Click To Copy

Step 4: Return to the MAPP 3D application; the User Registration window should be open.

Return to the MAPP 3D Application

Step 5: Enter details in User Registration window:

  • Enter email address (username)
  • Paste Reservation code
  • Enter the Device Name created
  • Click REGISTER

MAPP 3D – Enter the Username, Reservation Code, and Device Name, Click Register


When successfully completed, the Successful Activation pop-up window will open (below). If this confirmation is not displayed, please visit, and select Technical Support.

Registration Confirmation

IMPORTANT: Loudspeaker data is not included with the application. Please follow the link at the bottom of this page for instructions to populate the loudspeaker data.

IMPORTANT: MAPP 3D must be opened once every 30 days while the host computer is connected to the Internet to validate the application authorization.

Managing Devices

Each MAPP 3D account allows use of MAPP 3D on two devices (laptop or desktop computers). To manage devices, select HELP > MANAGE MAPP 3D ACCOUNT in the application (opens a web page). Click MY DEVICES. Add and remove devices as desired.

Account Management – Add / Remove Devices, Maximum Two Per User

What’s Next?

If this is the first help page you are viewing, please proceed to the Home page. Otherwise, proceed to the Application and Loudspeaker Data Updates page to install loudspeaker data.

For personal assistance, please visit, select technical support, and use the form to create a support case.